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Be Mental Health Aware (MHA UK Certified)


Be Mental Health Aware:

Our Be Mental Health Aware course will give you a clear understanding of what is meant but the terms mental health and mental ill health. It also highlights the issues some people face when accessing professional services that help and support mental well-being, and introduces the challenges of cultural diversity relating to mental health issues. This course will make you more aware of the negative attitudes, stigma and stereotyping surrounding mental health and how to challenge them in a more informed way.

On successful completion you will receive a ‘Be Mental Health Aware’ MHA-UK certificate.

There are no specific recommended prior learning requirements for the Be Mental Health Aware course.

This course should take approximately 45 minutes, however you don’t have to complete the course in one sitting.

Who is this course suitable for

It is intended for everyone regardless of their preferred learning style, the course is fully narrated and features animation, white boarding and motion graphics.

This course is designed so that everyone can benefit and make significant changes to their personal and professional life. It’s suitable for beginners who have no prior experience of the subject and those who wish to build on their existing knowledge of Mental Health.


On completion of this course you will:

  • Be aware of what is meant by the terms mental health and mental ill-health

  • Be aware of how to better support yourself and others mental well-being

  • Be aware of some of the responses to mental health issues

  • Be aware of cultural diversity in relation to mental health issues

  • On completion of this course you will receive a "Be Mental Health Aware" MHA-UK certificate

Course Content:

Information, Resources and Support

1.1 Define the terms ‘mental health’ and ‘mental ill-health’ 

1.2 Identify possible causes of mental health problems

1.3 Identify examples of mental health problems

1.4 List common sources of information on mental health issues

2.1 State the percentage of people in the UK that might experience mental health problems

2.2 Identify the effects that experiencing a mental health problem might have on an individual

2.3 Outline how mental health is reported in the media

2.4 Identify the negative effects media reporting can have on an individual

2.5 Identify  the negative effects media reporting can have on society

2.6 Outline how stereotyping can affect people with mental health problems

3.1 Identify the rights of people experiencing mental ill-health

3.2 Identify possible responses that can be made to support an individual with mental health

3.3 Outline factors which can have an impact on whether a response will work

3.4 Identify where to refer people to go for further help or guidance about mental health issues

3.5 Identify ways to promote positive mental health

4.1 Identify possible causes of mental distress in different cultural groups

4.2 Examples that may exist for different cultural groups accessing services and overcoming these barriers

4.3 Outline that can help promote positive mental health amongst different cultural groups

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What people are saying about this course

"I'm very satisfied with the Be Mental Health Aware course. I am now more aware of mental health problems"
"The Be Mental Health Aware course was a very interesting course, it will help lots of poeple struggling with their mental health"
"I have learnt about the difference of mental health and mental ill health"
"The course has helped me identify when I or anyone around me may be showing symptoms of mental health"


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How is the course content presented ?

Through animation videos, it is also transcribed for those who would prefer to read the content

Do I need to complete the course in one go ?

No, you can log back in later and carry on where you have left off

How do I access the course ?

Once you have paid for the course an email will be sent over to you with your login details and instructions on how to access the course

Are there any assessments ?

No, there are no assessments in this course

be mental health aware course

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