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About Us

Mental Health Aware UK (MHA UK) was founded to make understanding and supporting mental health easier. Through educating, upskilling and resourcing ourselves we can all make a positive contribution not just to our own lives but to those around us.

Our courses help you to make more of your life through learning about and understanding mental health. Whatever your environment, whether it’s work, social or personal, raising awareness and creating a deeper understanding is the key to improving mental and emotional wellbeing. 

Let’s all make a difference, together.



Since Mental Health is so wide ranging it can easily be misunderstood. It’s because it’s misunderstood that people are often reluctant to share what’s really going on for them. So, when everybody in the community is given an opportunity to become educated, resourced and supported it empowers them to feel more seen, more heard and more valued.

How we do it

Our online mental health qualifications and courses are cost effective which means more people in your community can be educated, upskilled and resourced. Our online courses are engaging and use a modern approach to understand mental health.

Our accreditations

Our accredited e-learning courses set a new benchmark for design, delivery and educational excellence.

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