Supporting Mental Health in the Workplace

Supporting Mental Health In Your Workplace

Our online courses are designed to support everybody’s mental health in the workplace, no matter what their role or responsibility.

We have worked in partnership with a wide range of organisations including Hospitality, Construction & Corporate industries, helping to change the culture and raise the level of awareness and understanding around mental health. 

Supporting Mental Health In Your Workplace

Our online mental health courses will help your organisation transform the way mental health is understood, and improve well-being across your workplace. 

Our aim is that mental health awareness becomes an integrated part of all workplace environments supporting both individuals and organisations to be more mentally healthy, and able to thrive.

Creating an environment where people feel more able to support their mental and emotional well-being along with those they work with.

What are the benefits of investing in mental health training

Invest to save

This might sound unbelievable but due to poor mental health it costs UK employers up to £45 billion each year, but with investment in mental health in the workplace, employers are seeing returns of £5 in savings for every £1 spent.

(Deloitte, 2020)

Reduce Absenteeism

1 in 6 workers experience a mental health problem at any one time. Stress, anxiety and depression are thought to be responsible for almost half of the working days lost in the UK

Reduce 'Presenteeism'

Despite poor mental health, individuals choose to attend work but are unproductive in the work they do, it's called presenteeism and sadly it's on the rise. Investing in training that supports positive mental health in the workplace can help recover wellbeing and productivity.

Proactive early interventions

Supporting a positive culture change and raising awareness  are more proactive and effective ways of preventing future mental health issues and the resulting losses.

Promote a healthy happy workplace

Studies show that those who invest in positive mental health in the workplace experience greater morale, productivity, creativity and innovation.

(University of Warwick, 2019)

Meet government recomendations

The UK Governments review Thriving at Work set out core standards for healthy workplaces, including that all organisations address the issue of mental well-being at work

Some of the features of our online courses
  • We have mental health e-learning courses suitable for all levels

  • Our e-Learning can be hosted on your Learning Management System (LMS) or if you do not have a LMS, we can provide access for you

  • Flexible learning online to fit comfortably around the needs of individuals and your organisation

  • Our courses are delivered in different versions to meet the learning needs, level of awareness & depth of understanding required for each learner

  • Trusted training's, certified & accredited with national governing bodies, setting new standards in accessing and delivering mental health training to employers and employees alike

  • We have flexible price plans to meet the scale of your organisation and the sector you are in

  • Our e-learning courses are affordable, accessible, and will upskill and resource everyone in your organisation

Choose your path and we will guide you along the way

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Individual Courses

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Our accredited e-learning courses set a new benchmark for design, delivery and educational excellence.