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What is the Breathe Cafe?


Over the last year and a half there has been a significant impact on our wellbeing due the ongoing pandemic. People across the country have been affected by the anxiety, fear, loneliness and uncertainty which this situation has presented. However it is no news to us that mental ill health has been a pandemic in itself long before COVID arrived.

According the Office of National Statistics it is reported that one in five adults in Britain are likely to be experiencing some form of depression during this COVID Pandemic, these figures have doubled in comparison to pre-pandemic data. It has also stated that younger adults are more likely to have some form of depression in contrast to other adults during this period. As the nation is slowly starting to get back to some form of normality Mental Health Aware UK along with Shawmind Mental Health Charity believe now is the opportunity to look at what our communities needs to make sure mental wellbeing is a top priority.

The initial challenge for many is seeking help the Breath Café creates a safe space for people to visit to get information and support. The Breathe Café set up by the mental health charity Shawmind offers a relaxed, non-judgemental safe space for anybody who is struggling with anxiety, stress, or any other related mental health issues.

If your feeling lonely or isolated as a result of the pandemic or you are struggling with other mental health challenges come along to the Breathe café. Visiting a Breathe café provides you with the opportunity to access mental health and wellbeing resources without the need for an appointment, every Breathe Café has a member of staff trained in mental health awareness.

Mental Health Aware UK is collaborating with Shawmind Charity to support the Breathe café safe spaces with the launch of the Breathe Café at Lu-Ma café in Wimbledon (London) in mid-July 2021.

If you’re interested in visiting a Breathe Café click here to find out more information about the opening times.

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