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Speakers headlining the Norwich Online Wellbeing Weekend 2021


The Norwich Online Wellbeing Weekend promises to be an exciting opportunity to learn more about mental health across the country with speakers on topics from mental health to eating disorders in children. The weekend will not only be an opportunity to listen to the amazing speakers but it will give you the opportunity to share ideas and network with other people interested in building a community surrounding mental health awareness.

Here are some of the speakers who are headlining this exciting weekend:

Dr. Agarwal & Dr Kajee (The life of a psychiatrist): The talk will provide a narrative of reasons that drive people to choose psychiatry. We will describe some day to day experiences, both rewarding as well as challenging. If felt to be useful, we can include some discusssions on contemporry social perspectives and how they shape our sevices.

Dr. Mariana Pinto Da Costa (Digital Mental Health): has been exploring view of different stakeholders about the potential of social relationships between people with severe mental illness and volunteers. She has developed a new digital volunteering intervention – the Phone Pal – that connects patients and volunteers in the community through mobile devices.

Prof. David Nutt (Psychedelics in Psychiatry): Prof. David Nutt is a neuropsychopharmacologist specialised in research of drugs affecting the brain and conditions such as anxiety, addiction and sleep. He is the Chair of Drug Science and President of the European Brain Council as well as a psychiatric drug advisor to the British National Formulary. He has published over 400 original research papaers including an independent inquiry into the Misuse of Drigs Act. He was the clinical scientific lead on the 2005 UK Government Foresight initiative ‘Brain science, addication and drugs’.

Dr Joanna Semlyen (LGBT and Healthcare): Dr Semlyen has been carrying out research in the health of minority group & vulnerable populations for the last 13 years and is a leading expert in the area of health inequalities in gender and sexual minorities. Amongst her research, she has carried out a meta-analysis of mental disorder, substance misuse, suicide and self harm in LGB people directly impacting the Nationa Suicide Strategy by adding LGB as a risk group.

Dr Ahmed Hankir (Islamophobia and Muslim Mental Health): Dr Hankir is part of the centre for mental health research and Psychiatry, with an area of interest in mental health stigma, he will share his experiences with pioneering and evaluating innovative programmes challenging mental health related stigma, breaking down the barriers to mental health care and empowering people with experience of mental health difficulties.

Dr Katie Budge (The path to clinical psychology): Kate is the Princial Clinical Psychologist, and Clinical Lead, across the Children, Families, and Young People’s Crisis Pathway in Suffolk; and is also involved in developing a new CFYP Crisis Outreach services. Kate has previously worked in Tier 4 inpatient CAMHS, and Local Authority CYP Services; including the Suffolk Gang Exploitation team, and regional YJB ‘County Lines’ pathfinder project tackling child criminal exploitation.

Dr. Trevor Broughton (Political Abuses of Psychiatry): Psychiatry is unique historically in being prone to both scientific and social fads. This tendency has resulted in some unusual and curious treatments. However, taken to extremes, it has also enabled political abuses by authoritarian regimes. This discussion aims to explore why this is the case and represents a “call to arms” to our profession to actively commit to the tenets of Evidence Based Medicine.

Dr. Chloe Beale (Doctor as Patient): The COVID19 pandemic has led to an increased focus on doctors’ wellbeing, but how does this relate to broader issues of mental health and stigma within the medical profession?

Dr. Matthew Hodes (Migration & Mental Health in Young People): This talk will address the drivers for migration, resettlement stressors, how these impact mental health. It will consider the effects over time and on different generations. It will end by considering service provision to support good mental health.

Dr. Mary Doherty (Neurodivergence and Woman): Dr Doherty is part of an autism group within the Royal College of Psychiatrists. She has developed autism training for healthcare providers in Ireland. She provides this training for medical professionals and advises medical institutions on autism and she is the founder of the peer support group Autistic Doctors International. Currently, she is researching experiences of autistic people using healthcare.

Interested in attending the Norwich Online Wellbeing Weekend?

The event will take place online on the 22nd May – 23rd May so you can come and join us and dip in and out of the conference as much or as little as you want! 

There will be a separate joining link for each day of the weekend – this link will be circulated to ticket holders in the days leading up to the event.

Our partners for the event Headucate will be sending out conference packs with freebies for all delegates (UK-based only!)

A certificate will be provided for each day of the conference that delegates attend a full day of, after providing feedback.

If you would like to book tickets for this event Click Here

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