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Mental Health Aware (CPD Certified)

The Mental Health Aware (CPD Certified) course covers key issues in understanding what is meant by mental health. It gives and explains some of the reasons that discourage people from accessing professional services and seeking appropriate help and support. It delivers an understanding of how cultural diversity within society and mental health issues can be misunderstood and the need to promote a more informed approach. This course will enable you to challenge the negative attitudes, stigma and stereotyping surrounding mental health in a more understanding way.

This course has knowledge checks after each module.

On successful completion, the learner will receive a ‘Mental Health Aware’  CPD MHA UK certificate.

Course requirements:

There are no specific recommended prior learning requirements for the Mental Health Aware course.

Course duration:

This course should take approximately 3 hours, however you don’t have to complete the course in one sitting, so don’t worry you can log back in and continue where you have left off.

On completion of this course you will:

  • Have an understanding of what is meant by mental health

  • Have an understanding of cultural diversity in relation to mental health issues

  • Have an understanding of the social and personal effects of mental ill-health

  • Have an understanding of how to better support themselves and others mental well-being

  • Have an understanding of some of the responses to mental health issues

  • On completion of this course you receive a "Mental Health Aware" CPD certificate

  • 3 CPD hours/points Accredited by The CPD Certification Service

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Course content:

Information, Resources and Support

1.1 Define the terms ‘mental health’ and ‘mental ill-health’

1.2 Identify possible causes of mental health problems

1.3 Identify examples of mental health problems

1.4 List common sources of information on mental health issues

2.1 State the percentage of people in the UK that might experience mental health problems

2.2 Identify the effects that experiencing a mental health problem might have on an individual

2.3 Outline how mental health is reported in the media

2.4 Identify the negative effects media reporting can have on an individual

2.5 Identify  the negative effects media reporting can have on society

2.6 Outline how stereotyping can affect people with mental health problems

3.1 Identify the rights of people experiencing mental ill-health

3.2 Identify possible responses that can be made to support an individual with mental health

3.3 Outline factors which can have an impact on whether a response will work

3.4 Identify where to refer people to go go for further help or guidance about mental health issues

3.5 Identify ways to promote positive mental health

4.1 Identify possible causes of mental distress in different cultural groups

4.2 Examples that may exist for different cultural groups accessing services and overcoming these barriers

4.3 Outline that can help promote positive mental health amongst different cultural groups

References and Resources



"During everyday life, we don't think about how to be mentally healthy, but by doing this course we realise how important it is."


"The Mental Health Aware Course is very well laid out, making it easy for people to learn and understand. It held my interest because it included visuals alongside."


"This course was very informative. If ever I face a mental issue or come across someone facing an issue I definitely feel more prepared to be able to cope and deal with the situation"


"Mental health affects us all in different ways so it’s an education not only for helping others but also ourselves"

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