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Mental health e-learning that supports your mental and emotional wellbeing.  

Welcome to Mental Health Aware UK

It’s important to remember that when you don’t have a way of understanding something it’s difficult to talk about it confidently or with any real clarity, especially when you’re talking about mental health.

Our qualifications, training’s and courses will give you the confidence, clarity, and understanding to talk about and support your mental health.

We have a simple mission

To positively change the mental and emotional wellbeing of as many people as possible through mental health e-learning and community partnerships.

We have a simple vision

To engage, educate, self-resource and empower people to create more inclusive, local, national and global communities.

Certified Mental Health e-Learning Courses​

All our mental health e-learning courses are certified, exceptionally informative, with a range of levels to meet all needs:

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Be Mental Health Aware

Our Be Mental Health Aware course will give you an understanding of the signs, symptoms, terminology and issues surrounding mental health, and how you can better support yourself and others. You will feel more empowered and informed to challenge the stereotyping and stigma surrounding mental health, helping to raise everyone’s awareness.

Mental Health Aware (CPD Certified)

Mental Health Aware (CPD Certified): This interactive course is the next step in furthering your understanding and knowledge of mental health. It will teach you about the factors around mental health and how they can affect your own, and others, mental wellbeing. It also looks at the signs and symptoms of mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression and eating disorders.


Supporting mental health in the workplace

Our mental health e-learning courses provide the flexibility that day courses can’t offer, helping employers to raise awareness of mental health across their organisation. They will help both managers and employees better understand their own mental health and be more supportive of their colleagues. 

Our aim is to see everyone empowered, resourced and up-skilled.

Feedback from some of our learners!

Feedback from some of our learners!

Read what our learners have to say about our mental health e-learning courses

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